Kate Rutter

About Kate Rutter

Kate Rutter is a designer and tech junkie, currently living in the Bay Area. Kate writes and speak about visual thinking, entrepreneurship, lean startup, design and user experience.

Kate's consulting business helps product teams use visual methods to communicate, collaborate and create amazing products. She co-hosts the NSFW podcast "What is Wrong with UX" and teaches at California College of the Arts. Previously, Kate was UX Track Lead at Tradecraft, an intense 12-week immersive learning program that preps smart people to succeed in traction roles at high-growth startups, where Kate designed UX curriculum. She also Co-Founded Luxr, a product company that helped entrepreneurs make things that people want, need and love to buy.

Prior to Luxr, Kate was a Sr. Practitioner and consulting lead at Adaptive Path, where she got to work with amazing clients and colleagues in the world of product design and user experience.

Here's few other places Kate has spent some time: The Crucible, Epicentric, Burning Man, Alumnae Resources and Wellesley College.

Kate believes that every problem can be made clearer by communicating in pictures, that sharpie pens smell like ideas, and that any group of collaborative and optimistic people have the power to change the world. So long as they have a pack of sticky notes - so she'll fit right in at UX London!

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Wed 23 May, 2018, 10:15

Finding the Narrative in Numbers: Making the Most of Metrics

As UX designers, we are storytellers who blend words and pictures into compelling experiences. And yet, our current methods don't answer the big question: "does our product work for our users?" By adding metrics to our design toolkit, we are better equipped to measure interactions that are core to the product. And this means that the impact of our work becomes quantifiable and influential. Business leaders know the power of quantitative data, and designers can leverage that power too. When relevant metrics are used to inform and support design decisions, the results can be both strategic and persuasive.

In this session, Kate will explore how metrics are used to shape and influence our work. She’ll discuss the power of storytelling and narrative in design, what makes an awesome metric, how to avoid “vanity” metrics, and how to identify and design for measures of behavioural actions that are relevant to your work.

Wed 23 May, 2018, 14:00

Measure What Matters: Crafting UX Success Metrics

In this workshop we'll explore the world of measures, metrics, and key performance indicators as you create actionable, UX-centered metrics to gain insights into your product’s progress. Move beyond the typical analytics packages to track the most important user behaviour. 

Through high-energy, hands-on activities, you'll learn the components of a successful metric, and how to identify clear, specific, actionable, quantitative, and time-based product metrics. You'll use sketching and brainstorming to find the best metrics to measure common user interactions, outline a plan for instrumenting your interfaces and gain the knowledge needed to track your metrics over time. You'll leave this class with not only the skills to make an "awesome" metric but also draft of a metrics plan that you can put to immediate use.

Whether you're a product designer looking to measure customer success, a UX designer seeking data about user behavior, or simply quant-curious, this workshop is a fast-moving and fun way to explore metrics as design material. Note: In this workshop, you pick the product you want to work on...you can use your actual product, or a new idea for a product (you know...the one you've been incubating for a while!) Whatever you choose, you'll leave the room primed to implement a solid metrics program.