Franziska Haemmerle

About Franziska Haemmerle

Franziska is a Senior UX Researcher at Google, psychologist and bicycle enthusiast.  

Before joining the Google Travel team in Zurich she lived in Vienna and Shanghai,  leading UX teams in agencies and doing research for local and international brands.

She has experience with tactical as well as strategic work, including field research, diary studies, and establishing user-centred design processes for clients like dell, bwin, TCL and Orange.

Franziska is passionate about how user-centred thinking and metrics shape organizational structures and impact society.

Thu 24 May, 2018, 14:00

Measure UX Impact: Metrics Beyond CTRs - Sponsored by Google

As UXers we all want to build amazing user-friendly products, that users love and engage with. Click-through rates, page views, and conversion rates are often the metrics used to measure success of a product, but does that really give us insights into our users’ experience?

In this workshop we will give an introduction to Google’s HEART framework and define user-centred metrics using the Goal-Signal metric approach. You’ll get the opportunity to develop these metrics for your own/or fictional product.

We’ll discuss strategies to convince your stakeholders about these metrics. Further, we will address how to build them, and how they can help you to show the impact of your work.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Google’s HEART and the Goals-Signal-Metrics framework

  • Toolkit to identify user-centred metrics for your product

  • Interactive exercise where you develop these metrics for your own product or for a fictional one

  • Strategies to bring stakeholders onboard and establish a user-centred metrics culture

This workshop is suited for designers and researchers who are just getting started on implementing metrics in their products, and those who are curious how to develop and implement meaningful metrics.